Best Friends Bucket List for the Summer

It's summer! Time to hang out with your gal pals, make a little money, and basically enjoy life before you have to head out to the work force. But some times doing the same things every summer can get pretty monotonous and boring. So spice up your summer with this Best Friends Bucket List!

1. Take an epic road trip 

Go wherever the road takes you. Plan out the trip to the last detail. Stop in small towns and spend the day walking around. Just go somewhere and explore what they have to offer. 

2. Pull an all-nighter

Yeah I know, that's such a simple thing to do. Go outside and look at the stars. Drive around town at night. Watch movies until the sun comes up. Just have fun all night long and don't sleep until it's the morning. 

3. Get matching tattoos

It doesn't have to be anything big. Get a tattoo that has meaning for the both of you. My best friend and I got our zodiac constellation, and it honestly wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be.

4. Marathon a TV series

Of course to do this you both have to agree on a show to watch, but spend sometime together watching your fave TV series. You can fangirl together, and experience the emotional rollercoaster with someone else.

5. Travel abroad together

You learn so muc about someone when you travel with them. Go to another country and experience the food, culture and people of some place else. Also what's better than getting to experience somewhere new with your best friend?

6. Cook a fancy dinner

You deserve to enjoy a fancy dinner from the comfort of your own home. Cooking is so much fun and doing it with friends is even better. I once made a three course meal with my best friend and it was a blast. Well, excluding when she cut her finger...

7. Go on a spa day

After all the hard work you two have put in to classes and studying for finals, a relaxing day at the spa is definitely what you need. 

8. See your favorite musician in concert

Over the summer, we're going to see Taylor Swift in concert (don't judge), and we're both so excited about it. Figure out when your favorite artist is going to have a concert and go see it. Make it a day trip. Head into town early and explore, grab an early dinner, then head out to the concert. 

9. Go on a camping trip

Head out for the weekend and go camping with your number one. Making s'mores, sitting by the fire, and just enjoying nature.

10. Read the same book

Books give you the ability to travel to different places without every leaving your couch. They also are just amazing and there are so many books out there to experience.