Ask SHUrly ~ Series 2

Hey Pirates...your girl SHUrly is back! I'm here answering some more of your questions. Remember I keep things 100% ANON!! So don't be afraid to ask me anything, hit my inbox for next time --> 

1. My BF of a couple years cheated on me with his "girl best friend". I see her around all the time and he doesn't talk to her anymore & we are still together. But I'm still hurt. What do I do?

My girl, you need to confide in yourself and weigh the importance of the relationship you have with this dude.  Yus it makes it ten times worse that you see this girl around all the time, and makes sense why you still have trust issues.  Always put your needs first, talk to your boyfriend more about this issue because it seems to be putting a damper on your college experience.  Bottom line…consider the value of importance this boy has.  Is he worth the hurt and should you talk through things? If not tell him boy, bye.

2. What do I do with these stupid ticketed parties taking up all turn up events, this side o’ the Mississippi?

Feel you on this one! It’s straight up like The Hunger Games out here, people are out for young blood and will take causalities if need be……. Well girl, you a day late and a nickel short sorry to say. However, for future reference, HOE IT UP.  Let me elaborate… SHUrley DOES NOT mean giving it to any guy with some Greek symbols on miscellaneous places of their bodies.  Ya girl is trying to say make connects!!! Any time you are at a party be friendly!! Introduce yourself, branch out from your regular crowd.  Get the digits from upperclassmen who look like they know wtf they’re doing.  When the time comes around and all these newly initiated party hungry pirates are scavenging for frat tickets, you will be in the clear because you networked the most out of mad previous social scenes.