Ask SHUrly is Back!

SHUrly is back and ready to take on Spring 2017! Here's my frist batch of questions for the semester, listen carefully and all your dreams may just come true....

SOS I’m so nervous for recruitment this weekend and don’t know what to expect? Any words of wisdom?

MANY words of wisdom… first off, shake all the nerves out because this could be the best moment of your yung collegiate experience! Basically, just expect to socialize the ish out of this weekend. Be prepared with questions that present yourself as a young spicy scholar who surpasses sweet sweet expectations, of the sisterhood. Bottom line advice would be to just be you and scope out the scene to see where you belong. <3 go#greek#yaaaaababy #1738

I have this bf, nice guy. However, I AM BORED. What should I do after I invested all this time with him?

Sticky situation!!! Na, I’m playing. The answer is obvious, kick the boring boy to the curb. I know it seems harsh because he is a good guy, but you know you want more so staying in this relationship is just going to make things worse overtime.  Spice up your life and go mingle with more electrifying mans! SHUrley, out.