The Art of Back Home Ballin'

For those of you who are not familiar with the art of back home ballin’, it is when a kid comes home after a long college hiatus and gets their ass wiped by their parents because they were so dearly missed. I’m not going to lie. I personally identify as a back home baller on the occasion. If my parents are offering, why not not take them up on the offer? Mom asks to do my laundry, Dad asks if I need a snack? Uh, yeah!! Why wouldn’t you let someone take care of you if they’re offering?! *cue Saturday Night Live song*                      

This was my mentality my first year coming home from college. Come home, chill, ball out with out a care in the world. Need to clean up? Don’t worry, mom’s got it! This lifestyle is all fun and games until you realize that it most certainly cannot fly forever…

Now, my perspective has changed a bit. For me, my parents have done nothing but support and provide for me and I realize that I have to act like an actual human; pick up after myself, not rely on them for everything. Contrary to the popular skit on SNL.

This is a time where we should be maturing, being able to depend on ourselves to get things done and not rely on our parents to do everything.

From the beginning of college to now I realize I can no longer treat coming home like a free for all. My parents do everything for me and I must respect them and all they do for me.