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5 Winter Must Haves from a New Hampshire Girl

1. A pair of bean boots

    These boots are good for everything. Sledding on a snowy morning, trekking through the slush, jumping through puddles and much more. On top of that, they are cute and look great with a cozy sweater!

    2. Toasty socks

    Quality socks play a vital role in both keeping your toes warm and comfortable! A good pair of wool socks goes greatly with bean boots, insuring your feet stay warm and protected from the cold weather. Make sure you have a pair of long, cozy socks. They are great to wear while ice skating, which is the best winter activity.

    3. A beanie

    Not only is this a cute accessory, but it keeps you warm during the coldest storms. Covering your head with a hat makes it difficult for heat to escape from your body.

    4. Winter Jacket

    A winter jacket is something to invest in because it will most likely last you a while. If you are more concerned about looking cute, there are lots of options that are both cute and extremely warm! Winter jackets are a necessity in northern regions to prevent sickness by preventing your body heat from escaping.

    5. A good collection of sweaters

    In NH, sweaters are an everyday look. Not only will they look stylish but they will keep you warm on a chilly, winter day.

    Emily Forde

    Seton Hall '22

    Emily is a sophomore at Seton Hall University where she is a Biology major. When she is not doing homework or writing for Her Campus, she loves to hang out with friends and be active on campus. Emily also loves outdoorsy things, shopping, and her dog, Izzy.
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