5 Winter Must Haves from a New Hampshire Girl

1. A pair of bean boots

    These boots are good for everything. Sledding on a snowy morning, trekking through the slush, jumping through puddles and much more. On top of that, they are cute and look great with a cozy sweater!

    2. Toasty socks

    Quality socks play a vital role in both keeping your toes warm and comfortable! A good pair of wool socks goes greatly with bean boots, insuring your feet stay warm and protected from the cold weather. Make sure you have a pair of long, cozy socks. They are great to wear while ice skating, which is the best winter activity.

    3. A beanie

    Not only is this a cute accessory, but it keeps you warm during the coldest storms. Covering your head with a hat makes it difficult for heat to escape from your body.

    4. Winter Jacket

    A winter jacket is something to invest in because it will most likely last you a while. If you are more concerned about looking cute, there are lots of options that are both cute and extremely warm! Winter jackets are a necessity in northern regions to prevent sickness by preventing your body heat from escaping.

    5. A good collection of sweaters

    In NH, sweaters are an everyday look. Not only will they look stylish but they will keep you warm on a chilly, winter day.