5 Things to Expect When You Start the Pill

1. You will have to set a daily alarm to take your pill.

Although this is annoying, it is vital that you do so. If the pill is not taken within a 1-2 hour time window daily, the effectiveness of the pill decreases. When deciding what time, you should take your pill make sure to consider when your classes are, when you are usually home, and if you are a morning bird or night owl.

It takes 66 days to form a habit. Just remember after that, you will be a pro.

2. The side effects might kick your butt sometimes.

From headaches to sore boobs, some things that tag along with the pill are not fun. Other common symptoms include nausea, spotting, and weight gain. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Within three months, these symptoms should be eliminated. If they aren’t, you should call your doctor.

Unfortunately, there is no way to eliminate these symptoms. However, staying as stress free as possible can help!

3. You might be very emotional.

But, don’t worry this is completely normal when starting the pill. For the first month, your body is going through a bunch of hormonal changes that it is not used to, causing some moody outbreaks.

Try using a journal to record your feelings and/or making sure to reserve some time for yourself to relax and treat yo self!

4. Your period might not come on the first day of the sugar pill.

Don’t freak out! Keep in mind that your body is still trying to adjust to this change in hormones. It can come anywhere between the first and last days of the sugar pill.

Because your hormones are not dropping like they usually would on your menstrual cycle, you can expect a lack of PMS (yay!) and sometimes a lighter period (double yay!).

5. Some good things will happen!

There are lots of health benefits to being on the pill. Most likely, your acne will diminish because it is being combated by the combo of hormones in your body. Also, you greatly reduce the risk of getting endometrial and ovarian cancers.

Birth control methods almost always come with side effects, especially when your body is in the process of adjusting. Pushing through these side effects is absolutely worth it because you are preventing pregnancy, reducing symptoms surrounding periods, getting rid of acne, and much more!