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5 Things Every College Student is Thinking at the beginning of Spring Semester

We're only what, 3 weeks in to the semester? I think it's safe to say the initial burst of every students' beginning of the semester motivation is just about burning out right around now. Just as your new years resolutions start to fade, so are the promises you made to yourself about staying on top of absolutely everything your life throws at you during this crazy thing called life in college. Well, I'm here to tell you you're not alone sister. Here are some things that all of us who had good intentions a few weeks ago are thinking...


1.  How many snow days are we going to have left? 

When one snowflake hits the ground I am immediately appalled that classes are not canceled.

2. When is it going to be warm again? 

It's been unbearably cold for a million years, I think. How am I expected to get an education when I have to travel in the tundra!

3. I need spring break now.

I have reoccurring dreams about spring break, that I think is real life when I'm sleeping. Then, am brutally awaken by the radar alarm on my phone every morning.

4.  How is it already second semester?

Okay, I know I'm complaining a lot about my responsibilities of school, but can this school year slow down a little! I would like to not be put out in the real world for at least 4 more years!

5.  Why isn’t it summer yet?

I miss the sun, being tan, and overall being 100% happy. That is all.

Although it's that time of year where everything seems to be a struggle. We're all feeling the same way and we can do it! We can persevere together!!! Think of how great you'll feel when summer roles around and you know you put in your best effort this semester. :) 

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