5 Reasons Lizzie McGuire Is Still Our Spirit Animal

1.She was always there for her friends.  

Hello-- she totally saved Miranda from getting paint on her perfect picture day outfit. Green did not match that orange/blue zebra print outfit. Also nothing else really does? But hey, it was acceptable in 2001.

2.  Even if the moment wasn't right, she always said what was on her mind.

3. She had the coolest style.  

Lizzie was the O.G. headband wearer before Blair Waldorf came along. Hair accessories will forever be in our hearts and on our heads. 

4. She went after what she wanted.  

How bold?! How cool?! So Lizzie of her and we love it.

And we don't mean just Gordo-- her Italian popstar confidence is something that we all try to emmulate on a daily basis.

5. Lastly, she was true to herself.

A must for every collegiette.  Thank you, Lizzie!