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5 Quick & Easy Halloween Costumes

Want to know something spooky? Halloween is this weekend, and chances are, you may not have your costume picked out. Last minute Halloween costumes often come out better than those well-planned since you’re quick on your feet allowing creativity to strike. Have no fear, and don’t let any extra stress in, there’s plenty of costume ideas that you can whip up in no time. Take a look at these 5 last minute Halloween costumes. 

1. Beanie Baby 

Represent being a ~90s baby~. Beanie Baby costumes are a fun way to spruce up the ordinary animal costume. It’s also a great idea to wear this costume with a group of friends where you’re each your own favorite animal. Pick out any set of animal ears and create a red and white cardboard Ty Beanie Baby heart with string included to wear around your neck.

2. Eleven 

For a more trendy, as of this moment costume, pick to be a popular Netflix television show character. One last minute idea is to be Eleven from the hit show, Stranger Things. Pick up a blonde wig, pink dress, bomber jacket, white collared shirt, tube socks and sneakers to create an easy costume- chances are you already have a lot of these items in your wardrobe so you won’t have to spend a dime. If you rock shorter hair, follow Eleven’s alternate buzzed head look. Complete the costume with a box of frozen Eggos to really get the point across.

3. Boxer 

Follow the silk and satin fashion hype with a boxer costume. This look is inexpensive, or free if you already have the essentials to wear. Pick up a silk robe and wear virtually anything underneath, even a cropped tank and shorts work with this look. Go a step further and buy a boxing glove or cover your hands with prewrap. Lace up sneakers or throw on boots before heading out the door. This is definitely an easy and comfortable Halloween costume to pull off at the last minute.

4. “Hello, my name is” 

This look is for anyone who doesn’t want to put a second thought into a Halloween costume. Pick up a pack of “Hello, my name is,” stickers from a local office supply or party store and you can be anything you put your mind to. It’s a sure way to make people laugh and they’ll definitely pay attention and try to figure out what your look is. Just make sure you don’t lose the tag because then you’re out of luck.

5. Risky business 

The final costume idea is also for those who don’t want to put much thought into their costume. Wear an oversized button-down shirt, shorts underneath, sunglasses, high socks, and any type of shoes (if you’re going out) to put the costume together. Try this costume with a friend to show you mean business.

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