5 Movies/Shows to Watch During Your Study Breaks

1. Any Disney movie honestly 

Odds are you’re feeling stressed and fed up with life during this cold, finals season. What better way to destress than to watch some nostalgic and wholesome movies. (Personally, I recommend the Atlantis series because it’s super underrated and beautifully designed!

2. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec episodes are usually about 20 or so minutes long- making them the perfect length for a healthy study break session. They’re also hilarious, a perfect pick-me-up, after logging long hours of looking through the history of the Roman empire or a calculus problem.

3. Brooklyn 99

B99 is another example of a short and sweet average episode- clocking in at around 20 minutes per episode. The characters and plot lines are super original and hilarious, and will never fail to make you laugh. It’s also incredibly real- dealing with important issues such as the LGBT+ community and their struggles as well as other social issues involving race and relationships.

4. Jane the Virgin

This show stands very high on my favorite shows of all time. It involves a ridiculous, soap opera style plot line which plays off typical tropes in a new, modern way. The characters, despite their ridiculous lives, are incredibly relatable and realistic in the way they deal with emotions like grief, joy, and jealousy. The episodes are typically a little bit longer (40 minutes or so) so save them for longer breaks.

5. Thor Ragnarok

This movie has to be one of the most genuinely funny pieces of art I’ve ever watched in my life. I was actually laughing out loud the first time I saw it, which is incredibly rare for me. Watching it more than once allows you to look for all the hidden gems that Taika Waititi has sprinkled throughout the plot (aka appreciate the fact that he made an entire character just to make a rock paper scissors joke).