3 Tips to Packing Your Essentials

Hi, my name is Sydni, and I am an over packer. On my most recent #girlstrip to New Orleans, I packed so many stylish outfits, only to end up wearing souvenir shirts, leggings, and other comfy essentials. The clothes I did not wear just ended up sitting in my suitcase for ten days taking up space. Here are some tips to make sure you pack only the essentials:

  1. 1. Make a packing list.

    This is something my mom always told me to do, but naturally I never listened. There is something about putting pen to paper (or using the notes app in your phone) that really helps you visualize and decide what is absolutely necessary and what isn't.

  2. 2. Take into account the weather.

    This is a big thing that not a lot of people think about. Pack for multiple scenarios. Just because you are going someplace tropical does not mean it will not be cool at night, or that it won't rain. I went on a trip to Cancun and for the first two days it rained. It was not fun, but I had a rain jacket (the one time I actually listened to my mother and packed one). On my trip to New Orleans, I assumed it would be warm because we were in the south, turns out the south gets a little chilly during the winter. Who knew? Either way it does not hurt to check the weather app before you start packing.

  3. 3. Choose your shoes wisely.

    You can never go wrong with some slides, for casual days, maybe a cute sneaker/boot (my Dr. Martens are my go-to), and a pair of heels if you plan to go out. Those three shoes can be paired with any outfit. PRO TIP: wear the slides to the airport. They are good for going through security and it is one less thing to pack in your suitcase.

Hopefully these three tips make packing for your next trip way easier.