180 Turning Lives Around: A Safe Haven for Women

180 Turning Lives Around is a nonprofitable charitable foundation that is dedicated to ending domestic and sexual violence. The amount of services they offer is tremendous. They truly embody a safe haven for women.

For victims of domestic violence, they offer an emergency safe house, a court liaison program, a family in transition program, an outreach program, counseling, and many more resources. The emergency safe house has 12 family bedroom suites, a rec room, art therapy studios, storage units, and many more amenities for these families. They can stay here for up to two months in full confidentiality, something that is vital for domestic violence victims. This housing program alone is a touching resource for many that are in desperate need of help, all at no cost.

Additionally, for victims of sexual violence, they have counseling services and response teams. These response teams have extensive knowledge on the subject and are resources to help victims. The team members also can stay with the victim at the hospital and the police station, places they may feel the most vulnerable.

If you want to get involved with this organization, you can look on their website. If you are in a situation where help is needed, this website also provides the information necessary to do so.

Some ways you can help include donating and volunteering. Opportunities to do so are found on the website.

On May 3rd, 2019, there will be a Havana Nights event hosted by 180 Turning Lives Around that helps keep the organization running and providing help to those in need.