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12 TV Shows You Should Binge Watch This Summer


         Summer is finally here and now you can sit on the couch and watch seasons of television without having to worry about an exam or a paper due at the end of the week. Here is a list of highly recommended television series to curl up with this summer, as well as where to find them. Happy watching!


1. American Horror Story (Netflix)       


                If you like horror movies and getting scared, then AHS is definitely the show for you. Each season uses the same cast members but their stories change. And just as the title suggests, each season is based on an American horror story. The four seasons include Murder House, Asylum, Coven and Freak Show. Hottie Alert: Evan Peters.

2. The Carrie Diaries (Netflix)

                This series is the prequel to Sex and the City. This Carrie Bradshaw is a bubbly high school teen who is still just as passionate about writing as she is about fashion. Find out how sex came to the city. Hottie Alert: Austin Butler.

3. Downton Abbey (Amazon)

                You may think that since this is a show on PBS, and it’s a Masterpiece Classic show, that Downton Abbey is better suited for your grandma. But that is not the case. The show follows the lives of the family of the Lord and Lady of Grantham, as well as those who serve the house. The first four seasons are free on Amazon Prime (hopefully the fifth season will soon be joining them). The sixth and final season airs in the UK this September. Hottie Alert: Allen Leech and Ed Speleers.

4. Friends (Netflix)

                This show from the 90’s about six friends living in Manhattan is an absolute classic. Whether they’re on the streets of NYC or sitting in Central Perk, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross know how to have a good time and a good laugh. Hottie Alert: Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc.

5. Gilmore Girls (Netflix)

                This show chronicles the life of teen mom, Loreli and her brilliant daughter, Rory. Full of sharp wit, family drama, new love and heartbreak, Gilmore Girls is the kind of show you’ll instantly fall in love with. Hottie Alert: Jared Paladecki, Milo Ventimiglia and Chad Michael Murray.

6. Gossip Girl (Netflix)

                If you have yet to see Gossip Girl, you must be living under a rock. The show follows the lives of New York City’s elite as seen through the eyes of the omnipotent “Gossip Girl”. Gossip Girl knows all about love and scandal, but who is she? You may never know. “You know you love me. XOXO Gossip Girl”. Hottie Alert: Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick.

7. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix)

                Don’t let 11 seasons scare you off. Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air for ten years and is totally worth the weeks of binge watching. It follows a group of surgeons in Seattle through life, love and death within the hospital’s walls. Be prepared, the show is a serious emotional rollercoaster. Hottie Alert: Patrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers, Jesse Williams and Eric Dane*.

8. Orange is the New Black (Netflix)

                Imagine you’re about to get married when you get taken to jail for a crime you were involved in years ago. This is the situation for Piper Chapman. She got into some trouble in an old relationship and ends up in a women’s correctional facility. The show follows her as she lives out her year and a half long sentence at Litchfield Correctional. Hottie Alert: Matt McGorry.

9. Parks and Recreation (Netflix)

                Leslie Knope is a plucky, public service worker who, along with her band of misfits, undertake the job of glorifying their hometown of Pawnee, Indiana. This hilarious show is well on its way to being a cult classic, and will keep you laughing (and crying at times) through all seven seasons. Hottie Alert: Chris Pratt and Rob Lowe.

10. Revenge (Netflix)

                Revenge is a show about just that: revenge. Emily Thorne is out to clear her father’s name as the man responsible for a flight that went down. The target: the Grayson family, and all their known associates who helped cover up what really happened, and put Emily’s father away in jail. This show will throw you for tons of loops and turns; you never know what’s going to happen next. Hottie Alert: Josh Bowman.

11. The Royals (eonline.com)

                This show is new to television this spring on E! The show focuses on the royal family, and their proceedings after their firstborn son and heir to the throne dies. This chronicles the lives and scandals of the royal family on their journey to decide whether to keep or abolish the monarchy. Hottie Alert: William Moseley.

12. Teen Wolf (MTV.com)

                Scott McCall was a normal high school kid… that is until he got bitten by a werewolf. Jeff Davis is the creative genius behind this show, which follows the lives of Scott and his friends as they navigate through a world of mythical creatures who roam the woods of their hometown, Beacon Hills. Hottie Alert: Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brian, and Tyler Hoechlin.


Honorable Mentions

–          Awkward. (MTV.com) Hottie Alert: Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern.

–          Finding Carter (MTV.com) Hottie Alert: Caleb Ruminer.

–          Hindsight (VH1.com) Hottie Alert: Craig Horner, Nick Clifford, and John Patrick Amedori.

–          Reign (Netflix) Hottie Alert: Torrance Coombs and Toby Regbo.


* These actors may be old enough to be our parents, but we can still recognize their attractiveness!

Lindsay is a sophomore, Public Relations major with a minor in Graphic Design and Advertising at Seton Hall. She is originally from Georgia and decided to move up to the great white north for college. She is a student athlete on the Swim & Dive team. She is also a member of the Seton Hall Honors Program, Alpha Phi Omega and Seton Hall's chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). Lindsay is a music and concert addict and loves to write about her music interests. Some of her favorite and most famous music interatctions include Before You Exit, Parachute, and Hot Chelle Rae. Whenever she's not doing work, Lindsay loves to read, watch movies on Netflix, sleep (like any other college student) and jam out to her favorite playlists.  Follow her on social media Twitter: @L_McGowan Instagram: @l_mcgowan614
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