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Woman Crush Wednesday: Marina Diamandis

Marina and the Diamonds: A feminist pop artist icon

Marina has labeled herself an “indie artist with pop goals,” but incorporates a lot of interpretations of human behavior and lifestyle into her songs. After years of self recording and producing her own songs with GarageBand, Marina finally released her first album, “The Family Jewels” in 2010 with Neon Gold Records. In 2012, Marina released her second album, “Electra Heart, and is set to release a third album “Froot” in April of 2015. Marina Diamandis goes by her stage name Marina and The Diamonds (The Diamonds referring to her fans). 

“So in that regard, as a songwriter and an artist, I’m just an observer. It’s more like sign of the times — art reflects what’s going on in society at the moment.”

While all of Marina’s work is incredible, her entire “Electra Heart” album really sets her apart from many female artists and highlights how talented she is. The entire album really unites the ideas of female identity, love, rejection, american culture, sexuality, and the whole virgin/whore complex. With that being said, Marina subtly ties in women’s issues and the standards women face daily, and says that these ideas were inspired by Britney Spears. The entire album really explores the feminist mind, specifically songs like “Sex, Yeah,” “Homewrecker,” and “Teen Idle.” In addition, she intertwines the american culture idea that “beauty is everything,” into her songs, with “Hollywood,” and “Primadonna.” While touching on all of these important social issues, Marina still manages to have the incredibly produced pop songs that don’t sound like melodramatic, cynical songs. She combines the concept of having powerful lyrics with fun pop production and creates an album that debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart with first-week sales, and an extremely successful tour. 

Everyone does it. That’s human nature to believe that beauty is everything.

Check out the music video to “How To Be A Heartbreaker” here:

Follow Marina on twitter for updates about her new album: https://twitter.com/marinasdiamonds

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