Winter Break as narrated by Donald Glover

Going home for the holidays can bring with it a whole range of emotions. Interacting with family, leaving college friends, reuniting with old friends, and more can leave the drained college student a bit (or a lot) overwhelmed. Who better to help us express these tough emotions than the wonderful Donald Glover. Whether he’s Childish Gambino, Troy Barnes from Community, or simply himself, he always finds a way to express how we are feeling when we can’t find the words to describe it ourselves.


1.      That feeling you get when you leave your school friends for the airport:


2.      Reuniting with your parents:


3.      Then reuniting with your friends from home:


4.      Having to spend time with old family members:


5.      Just family events in general:


6.      And smiling through the pain of it all:


7.      But you power through it all because you remember you have nothing else to do for three whole weeks:


8.      Realizing you have to buy gifts for people despite spending all your money at school:


9.      Trying to convince people you’ve actually studied and learned something this quarter:


10.  How you imagine your college friends’ lives are without you during break:


11.  Remembering that going back to college also means going back to classes:



12.  But then you remember how much you love it and get pumped for Winter Quarter anyway: