Willy Tipping

Willy Tipping 

Graduation Year: 2017

Major: Strategic Communications

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Campus Involvement: Volunteer/Mentor at Garfield High, Rugby, Basketball, DJ at KXSU 

Birthday/Zodiac: June 2nd, 1995/Gemini


IG: @popsdad23

Twitter: @wolliz


If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

I would want to read people's minds. People just don't make themselves transparent any more.

Who is your celebrity crush and why?

Zoe Kravitz. Need I say any more?? Oo she really gets to me. The hair. Those eyes, that smile. Mmm... Let me stop.

What is a legacy you hope to leave behind?

I want to be a role model for the kids who never had sh*t. I made it out of a crappy situation and went through a lot of hardship to become who I am and pursue secondary education. I would probably be selling drugs at my mom's house had I continued down that same road.

Finish this sentence: I don't trust people who...

I don't trust people who give half hugs and fake laughs and or smiles.

What do you think your patronus would be?

Ricky from Trailer Park Boys-- I just love getting drunk and eating chicken fingers.

What's a favorite childhood story about yourself?

I once tried to water my little brother to make him grow faster.

What would the title of your autobiography be and why?

Wingin' It- The Willy Tip Experience

I never prepare for anything nor do I feel the need to. Who wants to plan anyway?

What movie/TV/book character do you most strongly identify with and why?

Junior from the Absolutely True Diaries of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexi. He is me. Top to bottom. I had a weird stint with puberty where I went from a boy to a man in literally one night. I grew about a foot my junior year of High School.

What 3 things would you bring with you to a deserted island?

The full collection of Hardy Boys novels, an ice cold brewski, and a hammock.

What do you think your parents are most proud of you for?

Going to college. I was working forty hours a week as a grocery stock boy and was going no where in particular. I like to think they are proud of me for making the right decision.

What's your favorite part about living in Seattle?

Seattle. God damn, where do I start? The weather is so lovely. I never thought I would live somewhere where instead of snowing, it rains. The women are gorgeous and the people are all Minnesota nice. Great city. Possibly the best in the world.

Who inspires you in life/who's your role model?

My role model has to be Langston Hughes. My current inspiration is Drake, of course, as he is my father (potentially).

Give us a fun fact about yourself:

For a white boy, I got some pretty sick moves on the dance floor. I have been known to cut a few rugs in my day.