A Very Netflix Valentine

Whether you’re spending the weekend of the 14th with your squad (Galentine’s Day is February 13th) or a significant other, one of the best ways to celebrate is with a movie night. If you’re tired of browsing Netflix or rewatching the same stuff over and over again, check out some of the best movies to watch with your squad or SO.



Movies to watch with your significant other:

 1. Hitch: If you’re looking for an excuse to laugh and snuggle up, look no further.


2. Bewitched: Will Ferrell is hilarious, Nicole Kidman is adorable, and sparks will fly thanks to this magical flick.


3. Across the Universe: Love is all you need– and this movie is full of love (and beautiful people, music, and filmography).



4. Moonrise Kingdom: A super sweet and beautiful movie that will have you and your SO ready to dance in your undies.


5. Hercules: A childhood favorite that you’ll still love.


Movies to watch with your squad:


1. Heathers: The ultimate Bad Bitch flick will help relieve your angst on Valentine’s weekend.


2. Camp Takota: Our favorite real-life girl gang of Youtubers comes together in this super sweet (if a little predictable) movie.


3.  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Perfect if you’re looking for a nice dose of classic nostalgia.



4.  Miss Representation: Learn a little more about the fight for gender equality in the media with your squad at your side.


5. High School Musical (1 & 2!): You’re “all in this together!” Dance and sing along to the first two movies in this epic trilogy.


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