Trump's Terrorization of Trans' Lives

The United States President, Donald Trump. Honestly, do I need to say any more? Continuously, our “leader” and his administration have shocked the country with the methods they use in order to try and “Make America Great Again”. After banning those who identified as transgender from joining the military and getting rid of the obligation that public schools have a transgender bathroom, it’s clear that the Trump administration isn’t much in favor of the trans community. In most recent events, the administration is trying to pass a legal definition of gender. This begs the question: what happens to transgender individuals? If this proposal passes, the administration intends to eradicate the recognition of any transgender definition; basically, erase the option of identifying as transgender.

On October 21, The New York Times acquired a memo that was created under the Department of Health and Human Services. Under Title IX, and according to CNN reporter, Emanuella Grinberg, the proposal focuses on “discrimination in any educational program or activity based on sex.” Using this policy, the administration has taken it upon themselves to define what the word “sex” entails: male or female and it’s based on the individual’s genitalia set at birth. This fixed definition would “help” prevent further conflicts in regards to what genders are entitled to the policy.


Although it was obvious our recent government was changing a lot of progress made in past, eradicating this freedom of identification is a huge step back for America. With this new conflict, 1.4 million Americans will be forced into “erasing” who they truly are because, once again, they need to meet the government's standards. Already, multiple rallies and LGBT activists have taken to protesting this proposal, online and in person. The hashtag #wewillnotbeerased was also used as a chant at the White House the morning the memo was released. In an interview held on October 22, a reporter asked Trump how this policy protects the L.G.B.T. community. Cutting them off, he responded with, “I’m protecting everybody. You know what I’m doing? I’m protecting everybody. I want to protect our country.” Well Mr. President, I wasn’t aware that the LGBT community posed such a big threat to our nation. I’m sure you’re intentions aren’t at all biased.

During the Obama administration, multiple policies were attempted in order to try and better the rights of our trans community. Although many of these rights were quickly repealed by Trump’s administration, for a brief moment, some individuals surmounted enough courage to admit who they truly were to society. Having our president dismiss this motivational act and take back the rights of our fellow Americans is deplorable. On November 6, I ask that you gather as many legal, upstanding citizens as you can, take them to a nearby poll, and vote to protect the rights of all Americans.