Spring Break Must Haves

Your plane tickets are bought; you've packed the perfect spring break style; and you have an entire week of freedom ahead of you. You frequenltly imagine your freshly-polished toes underneath warm piles of sand while you lean back in a long beach chair. Even with all the preparation you've done, you could be forgetting something essential to your good times ahead. Here are a few must haves this spring break (even if you aren't vacationing):


1. Sunblock

Don't get caught without some SPF on your nose and shoulders. Sure you want to come back to Seattle with a tan, but you don't have to risk your skin's health. Grab a bottle of this on your way out to the beach!


2. Shades

I don't only mean sunglasses, but take anything to shade you from the sun's harsh rays. Try on this hat from Forever 21 or this rediculously cute pair of sunnies from Nordstrom Rack. 



3.  Sea Salt Spray

This product is a must have for those who aren't visiting a beach over the break. You can still pull of the trendy beach waves look by spraying some of this to the ends of your hair while it's damp. Scrunch it and let your locks air dry. 



4. Waterproof Mascara

Regular mascara isn't going to cut it this week. Pick up your favorite brand in waterproof and slip that into your suitcase, pronto!


5. Flash Tattoos

These still haven't gone out of style, trust us. They look fantastic glistening in the sun. Apply a few of these before your break to bring some serious glam to your lazy beach look!



6. A book

Let's face it, reading for pleasure is an unfamiliar concept to you at this point. Forget all of the text books and grab your favorite Harry Potter novel to read for the hundredth time. Get lost in the story. Relax. 

After an exhausting and dreary winter quarter, HCSU hopes that all of you have a great Spring Break! You deserve it, girl!