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Skyler White

Skyler White

Major: Creative Writing with Business Administration Minor

Hometown: Loon Lake, WA

Graduation Year: 2016

Birthday/Zodiac: Feb. 15, 1995/Aquarius

Campus Involvement: President/Editor of Her Campus of Seattle University, formerly in Fashion Club & HAWC


IG/Snapchat/Twitter: @skyautobot

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If you had one superpower, what would it be?

I’d pick teleportation because I need it on a daily basis. The thing about superpowers, though, is that you don’t usually get to pick them. With my luck, I’d probably end up like Deadpool. Actually, I’m pretty sure I would end up a supervillian. Every good story needs an excellent villian. 


What is your favorite part of Seattle?

When I go to the airport and fly somewhere else. Just kidding (kind of). Being here in the summer and having no responsibilities is my true favorite thing. I encourage students to stay for a summer because Seattle is 100 times more fun when the sun stays out. 


Who is your role model?

My cat. He is so positive, loves the outdoors and meeting new cats, and he gets to sleep all day in my bed. Other times, he’s an a** and my friends call him sh*tbag. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 


If you were a Disney Princess, who would you be?

Prince Eric. He’s very handsome and his babe is a mermaid. 



What are your goals in life?

I really want to die for a revolution. But if I don’t get the opportunity to smash the patriarchy with my actual fists, I want to be a novel editor or publishing agent for the next Suzanne Collins. Ideally, I’ll also be a published novelist. If you see my work on a shelf later in your life, please buy it because you’re helping me live. 


What is one thing that you wish you could have done before graduating Seattle University?

Telling my (cough cough business school cough) professors what’s up. I spent a lot of time outside of the classroom because the classroom wasn’t a comfortable and “safe” environment to be in. Pay attention to campus climate, people. Even further, I should have taken a break at some point during my schooling. I didn’t give myself the time to form an identity absent from being a student. I guess I get to do that now. 


Describe yourself in 5 words:

In love with tumblr girls


What TV/book character do you identify with? Why?

Alice from The L Word mixed a little bit with Dean from Supernatural because I’m multidimentional and I don’t let anyone forget it. 


Finish this sentence: I don’t trust people who…

don’t allow me the chance to trust them. 


If you were trapped on an island, what would you have with you?

A broken iPhone

If I’m lucky, another lesbian 

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling

I could probably survive on this island for awhile. 



Just another college student trying to have it all, including style and comfort; follow my personal struggles with fashion, finances, and the future at www.thehannahgold.com
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