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Signs As Weird Family Members

Because astrology is such an accurate and reliable source of information, I put all of my faith into it. Got a hard decision? Just check up on your daily horoscope. I bet that decision was just made incredibly easy, amirite? *awkward wink*


Anything that’s going to tell me what kind of person I am or what Hogwarts House I fit into, is my kind of procrastination. So to continue this descent into planetary/horoscopic hell, here is a list of the astrological signs as dysfunctional family members.


Aries: the angsty teen that just came back from college


Taurus: the “hi hungry, I’m dad” dad

Gemini: the family dog

Cancer: the wine mom

Leo: the neighbor kid who isn’t related to anyone but still apart of the family cause they’re just always around

Virgo: the cool older sister that gave you the sex talk in a non-awkward way

Libra: the aunt who cooks all the food at family reunions but is also super sassy

Scorpio: the vodka aunt

Sagittarius: the little brother who vlogs and is surprisingly internet famous

Capricorn: the uncle who is a life coach but gives sh*t advice


Aquarius: the really hot, maybe gay cousin

Pisces: the family cat

Avalon is a sophomore at SU, originally from the Bay Area. Likes include X-Files, breakfast, writing, and art pens. 
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