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Mike Falzone


Mike Falzone is like your older brother. The kind of older brother that is geeky and funny but is still cool enough that the advice he gives is actually useful. In reality, Mike Falzone is a youtuber/comedian/musician who is very bearded, very funny, and puts all of that comedy and wisdom into three minute vlogs and a podcast. 


He puts everyday anxieties into words and makes them solvable with a little self-confidence, some really great 90’s references, and self-deprecation. 




What I like the most about him is that his comedy isn’t complete cynicism. Don’t get me wrong, I love dark humor, but Falzone shows that someone can be happy, healthy, and politically correct, and still be incredibly funny. I think a lot of people are afraid that if they don’t participate in racist or sexist jokes, they won’t have an audience. That’s probably true (there’s the cynicism I like), but with Falzone as an example, I’d like to think comedy can change.






He’s also a talented musician. His videos are littered with music references, thoughts on working in a guitar shop, and heads-ups for upcoming tours. Apparently shows are a combination of comedy and music. Something reminiscent of Bo Burnham maybe? But less sexual and with more guitar? 



He’s a real crush. A crush that deserves a whole Monday.


Here is his tumblr and youtube channel. Really REALLY check him out; he’s a babe. And funny. That literally is the whole package.

Avalon is a sophomore at SU, originally from the Bay Area. Likes include X-Files, breakfast, writing, and art pens. 
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