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The Lazy Gurl’s Guide to Fitness


Ugh. We all know that working out is important or whatever, but sometimes it’s just so hard to get motivated. I mean, there are so many shows to marathon and clothes to fold and fanfictions to read…  We get it. In order to help you on your lazy girl quest to fitness,  the ladies of Seattle U HerCampus have collected their favorite at-home exercises for you to try.


Cassie Ho of Blogilates is like the super peppy, motivated, health nut friend you wish you could hate. Most of her videos are fairly brief and focus on specific body areas, but she also has full-body workouts and workout series. Also, tHis girl has monthly workout and meal plans, challenges, print materials, recipes, and an online forum on which her followers can communicate. WOW. I COULDN’T EVEN MAKE MY BED, THIS MORNING. Her website: http://www.blogilates.com/


Tara Stiles Yoga

Woah. Not only is Tara a yogi extraordinaire, she’s also one of Fortune’s most powerful women. She works closely with President Clinton’s Alliance for a Healthier Generation, bringing yoga classes to over 20,000 schools across the country. Most importantly for you, she posts videos online of her yoga instruction. You’re probs already in yoga pants– put them to good use. Visit her website here: http://tarastiles.com/

Fitness Blender


Ew. A couple that created a workout site in order to make fitness accessible to all, particularly those who can’t afford fancy gym memberships. Barf. They offer a ton of workouts and workout programs as well as health information for free. How are people like this real?

8 Minute Abs

Okay, this one’s simply a classic. Plus, you probs have 8 min to spare between episodes of Bob’s Burgers. “Come on, gang!”



Grab those awful leggings you immediately regretted buying and scare your roommates out of the apartment! Cameltoe has never looked so good *~**~~

Kegels. duh.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Kegels are like actually super great for you– not only do they strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, they also help to strengthen your lower abdomen, which decreases lower back pain. HOLLER AT AN EXERCISE THAT CAN BE DONE LITERALLY ALL OF THE TIME, EVEN WHEN SITTING.


Best of luck from your fellow lazy gurls! 

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