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Improve Your Mood for Finals!

Sometimes lamenting about your exams just won’t cut it. Here are five ways to improve your mood during finals:


1. Stay on the lookout for dogs



If I am grateful for anything about Seattle University, it is how often I see dogs running around campus. For many, spotting a dog is a guaranteed way to improve a bad day. Their obliviousness to the horror of finals is refreshing and so wonderfully welcome. Luckily, these furry friends are constantly running around campus just waiting to make your day a little better. Bonus: Keep your eye out for dogs in raincoats on dreary days as these rare treats are especially wonderful!


2. Treat yourself to a good breakfast



Whether or not you are running low on meal plan money, treat yourself to a good breakfast at least once during finals week. Not only does will it force you to get up and working on days without classes, eating breakfast will also give you more energy and help you stay alert for long, hard days in the library.  Anyway, why would you want to skip the best meal of the day?


3. Listen to good music!


Everyone has certain songs that always seem to bring about good memories. While music may not always help you study, it can help you re-center and de-stress. Make a playlist this weekend of your favorite, most inspiring songs so when finals get you down next week, you have an easy mood booster.


4. Take a break



It is easy to get overwhelmed by work during finals week; however, spending hours on end in the library can also start to make you feel insane after a while. It is important to allow yourself the occasional break and give your brain a rest. Be aware of how much time you are spending on your work and make sure to take your mind off finals every once in awhile. Sometimes even just taking a short walk or stopping to eating a snack can make all the difference in helping you stay sane.


5. Go try something new



Gasworks Park

One of the (very few) perks of finals week is that classes are over! For the most part you should use this free time to prepare for exams, but if the thought of looking at another sheet of notes has you pulling your hair out, take a break and use this time to do something you never got around to this quarter. Getting off campus can be incredibly refreshing. So if studying becomes too much, use your newfound time to go try something new!



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