If You're Going to Universal Studios This Spring Break...

There’s only a few more weeks left before Spring Break 2020! I’m excited to be spending mine at home with my family and relaxing after a stressful quarter. However, I know lots of people have exciting plans to travel and already have a detailed itinerary ready to go. This got me thinking about the last exciting trip I went on and my mind wandered to Universal Studios in California. I wanted to share my favorite rides/shows at Universal Studios in California. Maybe if any of you are planning a trip there soon, you’ll check them out!

  1. 1. Revenge of the Mummy Ride

    This is a thrilling ride, to say the least. It’s a rollercoaster which moves forward and backwards at high speeds. Most of the ride is in the darkness, with the occasional jump scares of the mummies popping out. This is by far my favorite ride at Universal. Be aware that the line is always super long so a tip I would suggest is using the single rider line because it moves significantly faster. Another thing to note is that they will not, and I repeat will NOT let you take any type of bag unless it's small enough to fit in the little pouch in front of you. That means no backpacks or large bags. If you do try and get on to the ride with one they will take you out of the line and send you back to put it away, which is awful. Trust me, you don't want to wait 40 minutes and not be able to even go on the ride.

  2. 2. Take a Studio Tour

    Now this isn't really a ride, it's a tour as you can tell from the name, but it is a lot of fun! You get to see the locations where famous actors and actresses have shot movies, as well as famous cars and sets. One of the best parts of this attraction is the immersive 3-dimensional experiences of some famous movies, such as King Kong 360 3D. This stop takes you into a tunnel which is actually a 3D simulator. The simulator is a double sided screen projecting the videos of the scenes on to it in such a way that’s so realistic! This makes you feel as if you’re in the movie and experiencing what the characters are experiencing. The tram shakes and moves and fully immerses you into the scene of King Kong fighting a T- Rex. I don’t think this attraction gets enough credit for all the unique things you get to see and experience.

  3. 3. The Simpsons Ride

    Okay, when I first saw the word “simulator” I thought it would be like one of those flight simulators that would tumble you around and flip you over. This made me nervous because I can get motion sickness from these types of rides if they’re extremely intense. When I finally got on to the ride though, I was pleasantly surprised! It was basically a seated simulator which acted like a rollercoaster. There is a screen in front of you which plays the video and graphics of the movie, while the cart simulator moves like a rollercoaster would on a track, but without all the crazy twists and turns. I thought the graphics and the storyline of the video were clever and overall, I quite enjoyed this ride.

  4. 4. Transformers 3D

    I absolutely adore Transformers. It's the only close to science fiction thing that I would ever watch. The movies are just spectacular so I was thrilled to go on this ride. If you get there midday and get in line, the line is literally never ending. You think I'm joking? I'm dead serious. It takes you into five different rooms and loops you around four lines each time becoming a maze to navigate. It’s extremely crowded, but where in Universal isn’t it? As for the ride itself, it's a moving simulator so unlike The Simpsons that stays in one place, this ride actually does perform twists and turns like a regular roller coaster. Plus, because it’s in “3D” you’re able to feel water when the transformers are fighting and the heat of the explosions when they are being fired around you. It is a bit jerky, but if you like rollercoasters, this has some similar aspects.

  5. 5. Water World

    This is a 20 minute show based on the post-apocalyptic action film in the 90s. The area is set up so there’s a seating area that wraps around the stage, which is a pool of water with props. It looks like it has come straight out of a movie. I was hesitant at first about the show since I thought it was possible it could be boring, but boy, was I wrong. When my family and I got seated the actor who was on our side would throw water on the first few rows of the crowd. On top of that, all the actors in general were engaging and collaborated with the audience. The show itself had many interesting plot twists and kept me hooked the entire time. Lots of people were falling into the water, and some were fighting each other. Overall, it was action-packed and worth the watch. Afterwards you can even meet the cast (who have actually had roles in really big movies so they're basically famous).

I’m sure your guys’ Spring Breaks will be just as exciting and adventurous as some of these attractions. If you do find yourself in Universal Studios in the future I hope these suggestions come in handy and you end up trying them out! Good luck with these last few weeks of the quarter!