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Her Campus Seattle U Presents: the Seattle University Selfie Book

Kim Kardashian West releases her “selfie book” in exactly one week, and most of the world is nothing short of enamored with these never-before-seen photos. Entitled Selfish as a play on what the media calls the sexy-and-she-knows-it celeb, the book essentially tells a story of Kim’s last decade through photos she’s taken of herself. The book features photos both old (when the star was still taking selfies on a point-and-shoot digital camera) and new. Some photos show Kim posing with friends and family, while others are just what you’d expect from a book of this nature: sexy poses in barely-there swimsuits and lingerie. Whatever the subject or context of the photos, Kim was behind each of them, making her the true author and creative mind behind this book.

A collection of selfies, photos that show both the photographer and the subject as one, can certainly tell a story of a person or a group of people. That’s why we at Her Campus Seattle U are making our own selfie book featuring the students of Seattle University. We hope to broadcast who makes up our school in a personal way without the use of staged pictures or charged commentary. A representation of the student body by the students themselves is certainly a reliable way to make this happen.

From today until May 5th, the official release date of Kim’s book, we will be running a giveaway of items from our latest Her Campus Survival Kit on our Facebook page. All you have to do to enter is submit a selfie to our Facebook page via private message. The pictures can be as old as the first MacBook and feature a gawky middle schooler messing around with Photo Booth, or can be a recent stunner from your Snapchat story. Smile, frown, laugh, or make a funny face; so long as the picture captures who you are, it’ll make a great contribution to this project.

Additional methods of entering include following us on Twitter, sharing your favorite Her Campus Seattle U post, and other social media related actions. 

The Seattle University Selfie Book will be published on May 5th along with the announcement of the winners of the giveaway. So head on over to our Facebook page to enter the giveaway and contribute to this physical representation of the Seattle University student body. 

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