Hannah Lang

Hannah Lang

Major: Film, Women and Gender Studies

Hometown: Bozeman, Montana

Birthday/Zodiac: July 10th, 1997/Cancer

Campus Involvement: Resident Building Safety Monitor, Resident Assistant 2016-2017

Insta: @hannah1597

Finish this sentence: I don't trust people who...

who complain to the manager about stupid things at restaurants.


What do you think your patronus would be?

A whale. Whales travel in the same pod their entire lives, and each pod has their own dialect - I'm really close with my family, so I feel like that relates? Also, whales are matriarchal, which is chill - I love being in control/charge, so that also makes sense. Mmm.. in general, whales are pretty cool? Don't go to Seaworld, folks.


What's the theme song of your life?

"She's Got Her Ticket" by Tracy Chapman




What's your favorite part about living in Seattle?

CONCERTS, record stores, museums, SIFF, the overall liberalness, and being in a place that celebrates people's backgrounds and stories.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

A documentary filmmaker. I go between wanting to make films centering around social justice oooorrr following bands around and documenting their experiences. Hopefully I can do both? We'll see. In all honestness, I want to be a documentary filmmaker so I can see and experience things I normally wouldn't.


What is a quote that you live by?

"I am so tired of waiting, aren't you, for the world to be good and beautiful and kind? Let us cut the world in two, and see what worms are eating at the rind." - Langston Hughes



What is a legacy you hope to leave behind?

I want to be someone who genuinely listens and fights for others. I want to amplify other people's voices and stories, and I want to help as many individuals as I can. I want to be known for caring deeply for others.


Give us a fun fact about yourself:

I was a cameraman for my TV station back home, and I had the opportunity to interview BJ Novak from "The Office" and also met John Mayer.