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The Disintegration of the Republican Party

When Donald Trump announced his bid for presidency, nobody had any idea he would make it this far. I distinctly remember various political figures, news pundits, and friends repeating that his bid was simply a joke or a publicity stunt.

Recently, any remaining hope of his campaign being a long running joke was lost as his final two contenders, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, dropped out of the race. While many felt an overwhelming joy at the end of Cruz’ campaign, the sinking feeling that Trump is officially one step closer to the presidency became all too real.

While there have been memorable and historical moments in past elections, this one has been one for the books. The Republican Party has been particularly tumultuous throughout the past year, starting with 16 potential nominees and finally narrowing down to the most unlikely of all candidates as the presumptive nominee. All personal opinions aside, it seems as if we have watched the chaotic disintegration of the Republican Party throughout the past few months.

Trump’s nomination is notable in its lack of support from many big figures in the Republican party. His campaign and further nomination has created a huge rift in the Republican party and has caused even greater hostility from Democrats. More than just bringing up dangerous ideas and rhetoric throughout his campaign, he has promoted even further polarization of the political parties.

As someone who is taking part in her first election, I can’t help but wonder if this election is setting a precedent for ones to come. As Donald Trump gives a voice to the formerly silent conservatives, I am curious if this will see to a new rise in radical conservatism that will influence the party from now on.

This election has been a wild ride from the start and now that Trump has all but secured the nomination, it will undoubtedly continue to supply controversy and excitement until Election Day.

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