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Cheap & Easy Date Ideas for College Students

Here is a list of cute and fun date ideas for you and your boo thang! The best part–they’re totally inexpensive! 

1. Complete a series – Jurassic Park, X-Men, Indiana Jokes, Back to the Future, Austin Powers, LOTR, Harry Potter, Star wars, The Godfather, etc.



2. Go to the Farmer’s Market – Pike’s Place is obviously the best place to go for this 



3. Play a game made for two – play catch on the grass or rent a game from the dorm’s front desk 



4. Play Snapchat Hide and Seek – wander around campus and see if your boo can find where you’re hiding based on your snaps 



5. Find a dive bar – and pretend to role play as Janet Snakehole and Burt Macklin 



6. Build an elaborate blanket fort – and binge watch House of Cards while eating your eight in popcorn 



7. Play strip scrabble, poker, chess, or checkers



8. Go to a bookstore – Read some books together but don’t actually buy them. The more you go to the bookstore, you’ll eventually finish the book you started. 



9. Explore nature –  go to the beach, a park, or any of the other beautiful places that the PNw has to offer 



10. Go to a SEAC (or other campus clubs) event together – they put on a ton of free and cheap events 



11. Have a video game tournament



12. Volunteer together – SU is all about social justice and has several programs you can get involved in. 



13. Make your own cards against humanity deck and play with a group of friends

14. Learn to give great massages – this is great around finals/midterms 


15. Have a dorm-style Chopped competition – make a cave run with your extra meal plan money and see who creates the craziest meal


I'm Skyler. I go to Seattle University in hopes of earning a degree in Creative Writing. I love to discuss and write about LGBTQ politics, fashion, and I spend way too much time scrolling through Tumblr.
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