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Cafes to Try and Love on the Hill

Cafes and college go hand-in-hand. Let’s learn about some of the best right here, on the Hill:

1. TUOGO COFFEE CO. (1410 18th Ave)

This is a relatively unknown coffee shop so if you’re looking for non-“mainstream”, this is the place! It has the friendliest baristas on the Hill and great coffee and teas. Tuogo also has the most unique selection of food items – Japanese sugar treats, huge croissants, and even mini-quiche!


2. CAFFE VITA (1005 E Pike St)

Vita is the fuel of the entire Pike/Pine neighborhood. The in-house roastery lets you get up close and personal with your cup of java! This place is too hip to function. With the two stories and late hours it makes the perfect place to read Plato and people watch!


3. KALADI BROTHERS (517 E Pike St)

Kaladi is an Alaskan-based coffee but certainly belongs in Capitol Hill. It is funky and very chill. Their seating is the best for studying or hanging with friends. And I’m usually a coffee purist but the Kaladi Frap is delicious! Kaladi also shares a space with Gay City where you can access the gay and lesbian library for a book to read in those bright yellow chairs!


4. VICTROLA (411 15th Ave E)

Victrola has a few locations but my favorite is on 15th! First of all 15th Ave is the hidden gem of Capitol Hill and this café is so lovely. They have art on display and a really nice, open atmosphere. Come here after climbing the water tower in Volunteer Park for your first time!


5. BROADCAST COFFEE (1623 Bellevue Ave)

The café is simplistic and structured. This is a place you can really buckle down on work while enjoying great espresso. Plus, it is on the way to downtown so you can have something warm to sip while exploring Pike Place Market.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters
  • Espresso Vivace
  • Cupcake Royale
  • High 5 Pie
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