Best Things to do in Seattle on a Rainy Day

As the days get shorter and the rain seems to take up permanent residence in Seattle, students are finding it much more difficult to leave the dorms. However, in a city that has taken to embracing the ever-present rain, there are plenty of ways to continue to explore the city, even when the weather threatens to bring you down. Here are five of the best things to on a typical Seattle rainy day:


Spend a day at a museum!

Seattle is full of awesome museums that are readily available to help pass time on a dreary day. Seattle museums boast everything from art and music, to industry and technology, and just about everything in between. Some of the more well-known museums include the Seattle Art Museum (SAM), the Experience Music Project (EMP), the Pacific Science Center, and the Chihuly Garden and Glass—all conveniently located in Downtown and Seattle Center.


If these are too mainstream and tourist-littered for you, find coverage from the rain in one of the more odd, hidden gems of Seattle, such as the Seattle’s Official Bad Art Museum of Art or the Seattle Pinball Museum.


Find a new coffee shop!

Yes, this is probably the most cliché Seattle thing you could do on a rainy day (make sure you wear your socks and stocks to complete the look), but this city has so many unique, local coffee shops it would be a shame not to try them all. Whether you want to stay close to campus or go exploring, you will have no problem finding good coffee and a cool study spot anywhere in this city.


Go find cool street art!

Earlier this year, Seattle-based artist Peregrine Church received acclaim for his rain resistant art pieces scattered throughout Seattle. His goal was that his art would bring people joy on the dreary, rainy days that are so common here.

Church’s first Rainworks piece

The pieces are created with rain resistant, environmentally friendly paint, so they only show up when it is raining outside. The project is called Rainworks and on its website, there is a map to the locations of many of the pieces in the city. Grab a group of friends this weekend and go find some of the most unique artwork in the city!


Go for a hike!

Given the weather is not too wild and the ground not too muddy, hiking in the rain can actually be really fun! It keeps you cool on the tough mountain inclines and can even help cover up your sweat if it’s a really hard hike. Not only does the rain help you out, it can also help illuminate the beauty of the mountains around you! A gorgeous hike is the perfect way to see the true beauty of the rain and the natural wonder of the PNW.


Visit the Volunteer Park Conservatory

If hiking is not for you but you still want the feeling of being outside on a rainy day, take a walk down to Volunteer Park to visit the Volunteer Park Conservatory, Capitol Hill’s very own botanical garden and greenhouse. There are five display houses within the conservatory, displaying a variety of plant life. The conservatory is a Seattle staple and the perfect way to experience nature while still remaining indoors.