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5 Things You’d Rather Face than Dead Week

This week is notorious for unbearable stress, excess caffine, and pulling 3 all-nighters in a row. It’s no wonder that we all actually look dead. This article is here to interrupt you from your marathon study session to bring you things that you’d rather face than another week of anticipation before exams begin. 

1. An actual zombie apocalypse

Being surrounded by zombie students as a result of dead week isn’t nearly as fun as the real thing. This might seem like a nightmare, but kicking some zombie ass might be the break you need. 

2. Calling your grandma

She hasn’t heard from you since the beginning of the quarter and you’re gonna get an earful about it, but you’re just desperate enough to take a break to learn all about the family drama you may have missed. 

3. Cleaning your room

Dead week can be full of distractions, but cleaning your room isn’t one of them. You haven’t cleaned out your fridge since midterms and you’re scared to find out what could be growing inside. 

4. Breaking up with your significant other

It’s been a long time coming, just rip off that bandaid. And even if you’re happy with your relationship, this still seems like a better option over dealing with the three papers you have due tomorrow. 

5. Admitting that you’re not superhuman

Okay, so maybe this is something you should do before finals arrive. You do need sleep; too much caffine can be bad for you; and it does not do to do to dwell. I might be taking Dumbledore a little out of context, but hear me out. School might seem like the most important thing in the world right now, but take a deep breath and make sure to keep your life as balanced as possible, leaving room for the real-life stuff that matters just as much!

I'm Skyler. I go to Seattle University in hopes of earning a degree in Creative Writing. I love to discuss and write about LGBTQ politics, fashion, and I spend way too much time scrolling through Tumblr.
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