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18 Signs You’re a Senior at Seattle U

1.     You’ve given up on getting dressed for the first day of the quarter, simply because you’re immediately going back to bed as soon as possible.  


2.     You don’t know whether to cringe or feel flattered when you have reached first name basis with the the bouncers at The Chieftain and Rhien Haus.



3.     Buying schools supplies means purchasing mass amounts of alcohol and a pen.


4.     It’s completely irrational but you get annoyed when someone is sitting in your “study spot”. 


5.     Studying in the library is almost impossible because you know almost everyone in there.  It’s more like social hour in there now.


6.     You have befriended an underclassmen for their meal plan privileges.  


7.     You are finally old enough to pass as a law student and can blend in while you study in the law building.


8.     You can spot the freshman at parties because of their Smirnoff Ice. (Sorry!)


9.     House parties are packed with people you don’t know, which is odd because it’s at your best friends house.


10.  People are constantly asking you what your plan is after graduation (btw stop asking).


11.  You are extremely thankful that Taco Del Mar wasn’t around for the last four years!


12.  You spend less and less time preparing for your tests because you are confident in your BSing skills.


13.  You still haven’t achieved the perfect nap-life balance. 


14.  You really don’t care that its not socially acceptable to watch Netflix in the library because you DGAF.


15.  “I have a meeting” is code for Happy Hour. 


16.  You have already been hit up for alumni donations before your first loan payment.


17. You going between freaking out about graduating and feeling extremely excited about it.


18.  You love Seattle U and are going to miss it! 


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