12 Stages of a Dramatic Hairstyle Change

Anyone who knows me well understands that I am an indecisive person. Nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to decisions about my hair. I have never been particularly attached to a certain hairstyle nor have I ever really been afraid of cutting my hair. Despite this, I find myself constantly going back and forth debating whether or not to do something new with my hair. Now that I have a few dramatic haircuts under my belt, I feel I am well versed in the typical anxieties of going to the salon for a huge change. Here are a few of the universal stages of getting a dramatic haircut.


1. You decide it's time for something new because the old do has got to go.



2. You start researching on Pinterest or Instagram for different hairstyles and find the perfect cut.



3. You start to question whether or not you can actually pull off the style or if it just looks good because the model is really hot.



4. You decide to take the plunge, all the while freaking out internally about whether or not you made the right decision.




5. The night before the appointment you change your mind multiple times until someone snaps and tells you to just do it.



6. On the way to your appointment you are simultaneously excited and anxious. You're thinking about what will come out of your mouth once you see the stylist.



7. The first cut makes you want to have a heart attack.



8. Throughout the entire haircut, you are staring at yourself in the mirror wondering if you made a huge mistake.



9. Once the appointment is over you realize yes, in fact, you have made a huge mistake. You start to feel resentment towards anyone who told you this was a good idea.


10. Once home, you try desperately to fix it. You figure out every way you can style and arrange your hair until it grows back.



11. As the days and weeks go on, the new style starts to grow on you (both literally and figuratively). Quickly, you will forget what you even looked like before your haircut and you will begin to recognize all the new things you like about the style.



12. Within weeks, you will have quit constantly worrying about how your hair looks and you’ll be back to taking never-ending selfies, just like normal.