11 Types People You Find on Valentines Day

1) The Zen Single Girl.

This girl doesn’t need a significant other to make her Valentines Day a good one. She is happy being single and going to see 50 Shades of Grey with her best friends and drinking margaritas. Valentines Day doesn’t even faze her.

2) The Serial Dater.

This person has a new boyfriend/girlfriend every few weeks and has never been single for a Valentines Day. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t going to be together forever as long as they are together today!

3) The Long-term Couple.

This could go one of two ways:

1)   They get engaged in front of everyone is a really cheesy way that makes you say “AWWWWW” or makes you want to cry and puke.

2)   They stay in and watch a gross amount of Netflix, because they don’t feel the need to be mushy.

4) The Bitter Single.

This friend has been counting down Valentines Day since January 1st like its dooms day. They tell everyone how much they “hate Single Awareness Day” to confirm that they are indeed single just incase we forgot. This person also reminds you that Hallmark came up with this holiday to capitalize on consumerism…. Blah blah.

5) The Overly Romantic.

This girl expects some big Nicholas Sparks romantic gesture or a flash mob. The boyfriend of course has no idea and doesn’t plan anything extravagant. This won’t end well; maybe next year will be filled with realistic expectations.  

6) The couple that just started dating.

This is so awkward.  You have just started dating; maybe you haven’t even defined your relationship yet. If you get him a gift he might freak out. If you don’t get him a gift he might think you don’t care. There is really no winning in this situation. Just remember communication is key here kids!

7) The Match Maker.

Just stop, no I do not want to go out with your “nice” coworker Tim in accounting. “A first date on Valentines Day, how fun!” –said no one ever

8) The Recently Dumped Girl.

We all feel for this girl! The first Valentines Day after a breakup is the worst. You miss your significant other and just want to be with them, even if the break up was necessary. Hopefully, this girl has good friends that are watching movies and eating copious amounts of chocolate with her.

9) The Tinder Patroller.

This girl got invited to a Valentines Day party (ew) where everyone will be with their significant other. She has no choice but to patrol Tinder for a guy to bring to this party in hopes that there will be abundant amounts of alcohol involved.

10) The Guy Who Forgot. 

This guy is sprinting to the store to buy the last box of candy and a card that he probably didn’t read. Fear not, love is on your side and your girlfriend probably didn't even notice (yes she did).  

11) Your Mom.

Hey at least your Mom loves you right?! She will send you a Valentines Day card and candy to cheer you up and it will of course work! Moms are the best!