10 Sasquatch Struggles to Avoid

1. The Caravan

Trying to get 40 of your friends together into the campsite will be a true test of your patience. There will be about 600 texts exchanged and some very stressed drivers. But once you arrive all will be forgiven and everyone will commence the weekend. Make plans early to avoid confusion. The earlier you leave, the less stress there will be. 

2. Your Worldly Possessions may get lost.

At one point during this week you will lose: your keys, cell phone, friend, sunglasses, or ticket. May the festival gods being looking down upon you and help you find these things. I suggest bringing an extra pair of car keys and hiding them somewhere not in your car. No one wants to call a locksmith or break a window to get back into his or her car. Don’t bring anything with you that you’d be devastated to leave without. 

3. Let the Starving Games commence. 

The second year I went to Sasquatch my friend and I forgot half of our food at home. Don’t forget to pack enough food and bring money to buy food inside. Seems simple enough, but by the end of the weekend almost everyone is out of food. Make sure to bring snacks that won’t spoil over a long weekend. 

4. Water is Gold

Water can be bought for about $20 a bottle… just kidding. But seriously, water is SO expensive and hard to find while at the Gorge. Water fountains aren’t going to be enough. It is important to stay hydrated. Bring in a sealed bottle to the amphitheatre each day so that you can refill it, and don’t have to buy their golden water. 

5. Your phone will die and you will lose your friends.

This is possibly the most devastating thing that can happen over the weekend. Stay positive and keep moving. Have fun, meet new people, and try to find your friends. The best way to avoid this is to create a meeting spot or a “home base” for your group; after each show, you all can reunite. 

6. You’re constantly sweating and then your freezing.

This is a rookie mistake! Everyone hates the burden of carrying a jacket; it’s annoying and hard to dance with. Trust me, the Gorge can go from 80 to 40 when the sun sets. Buy a locker or bring a backpack to keep your jacket in, you will be so happy you did, especially when the sun goes down. 

7. Bathrooms are harder to get into than college.

It’s every man for them self when trying to get into a bathroom. Who ever is the quickest wins this game of musical Honey Buckets. This weekend will be a true test of your bladder capacity and patience. 

8. Everyone seems high or drunk… and they are.

To each their own, but please be careful. Moderation is key during this long weekend. Over doing it could sideline your fun for the rest of the weekend! Be wary of others around you, you never know what “level” they’re on. 

9. Sleep is for the weak.

If you can fall asleep at the Gorge you are a truly impressive person. People party until all hours of the night, and the ruckus never stops. When the party starts to slow down, the sun comes up and turns your tent into a sauna, making it impossible to sleep in. It will be okay though everyone’s positive energy and excitement will keep you energized all weekend. 

10. By Saturday people will smell terrible

Say it with me “deodorant and dry shampoo”. It’s hot and the line to the shower is long. Bring baby wipes, water, and deodorant; these items are essential to your hygiene this weekend. No one wants to stand next to a stinky person in a crowd, don’t let it be you.