Your Guide to Surviving Finals Week

We all look forward to the end of a semester and are excited for summer, but unfortunately that means finals are approaching. Finals week is that dreaded week of test after test, countless hours spent studying, and writing papers where stress is at the forefront. In the past, you’ve probably experienced sleepless nights, let your eating habits slip away, and not have had the time for your workouts. But this finals week, doesn’t have to be like your previous experiences. You can plan ahead, start studying a little earlier, and fuel your brain so you won’t be pulling all nighters. So here are 3 tips to help your studying go a little smoother.



This is the most important! You may be tempted to pull all nighters in the library or hardly get any sleep, but being sleep deprived will only hinder yours studies. If you’re exhausted, you will have a decrease in focus and concentration so you won’t be able to study as efficiently. A good night’s sleep can do wonders for you!  Your memory will be enhanced and all the material you learned and reviewed will be consolidated. So instead of waiting until the day before to cram all the material in, start studying earlier so you can stay well rested.


Eat well!!

Focus on loading up on brain food and avoiding junk food! If you’re off to the library, pack healthy snacks like berries or nuts. Berries are loaded with antioxidants and have been proven to enhance your memory while nuts are a great source of healthy fats and provide energy. If you need a little pick me up, opt for dark chocolate for a caffeine boost and another source of antioxidants. Also, hydrate! Remember to drink lots of water for another little mental boost so plan on bringing your hydro everywhere! For lunch and dinner, load up on healthy fats and leafy greens. Think big, satisfying salads, eggs, avocado toast, or salmon. These foods can help give your brain that boost to remember all that info and ace your test.


Break a sweat!!

Take a break from studying and make time for a workout. Working out will promote endorphin release to lower your stress levels and boost your mood and even brain functioning.  Norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine will also be released and help control any anxious feelings you have be having. Any form of exercise is good exercise! A little bit of cardio can help improve your memory and retain all that info. Your mind and body are intertwined so if you body is healthy than your mind will follow suit. So when your studying is becoming too much or you are feeling overwhelmed, let exercise be your medicine.


Eating well, getting sleep, and breaking a sweat may seem like an additional stress, but they are the keys to success. It just takes a little planning and preparation! Oh and one more tip, just relax! We are in the home stretch so hang in there. It’ll be summer in just a few days! Stay positive because you’ve got this!!