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Why You Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses

As college students, we spend a LOT of time in front of screens. Whether that be scrolling on your phone, finishing an essay on your computer, or winding down watching TV before bed; all the lights on those screens affect us.


Blue light is a wavelength that is emitted through cell phones, computer screens, and televisions. It can be beneficial to us during the day as the wavelength can boost our energy, attention, reaction, times, and moods. However, if we are exposed to too much blue light, it can start to affect our health. Because the blue light stimulates your brain, if we are looking at a screen before we go to bed, our brain is stimulated and awake right before you need to sleep. This will not only keep you awake but research has found that if we are too exposed to blue light, it can cause your eyes to strain which can cause permanent damage.


The risk of blue light can be permanent but there is an easy fix! Blue light blocking glasses have become more and more popular. Blue light blocking glasses filter the amount of blue light that gets to your eyes, protecting you from continual strain and damage. But these glasses have a lot of other benefit including reduction of computer glare, easing eye strain, blocking 100% of UV light, and reducing color and image distortion. You can even order a pair of blue light blocking glasses that have your prescription if needed.


Blue light blocking glasses come in all sorts of styles, colors, and they vary based on your price range too! Most glasses range anywhere from $17 to $100, so as you can see there’s a huge range of prices for every budget out there. iMore rated some of the best brands for Blue Light Glasses as: ANRRI, LifeArt, Blokz, Klim Blue, THL, Aspectus, Biofusion, Cyxus, and Diff. A lot of these brands you can easily order on Amazon for a very low price. Defend your sleep and order a pair of Blue Light Glasses!



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