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Why Everyone Should Try Yoga Sculpt at the ARC

We’ve all been there before– it’s the end of a long day filled with work, extracurriculars, school, etc– and you feel absolutely no motivation to hit the gym. Well, luckily the Aztec Recreation Center has our backs! The Yoga Sculpt class offered at the main ARC location is the perfect way to squeeze a quick, killer workout into your schedule. Not to sound dramatic, but Yoga Sculpt is life-changing, and here’s why everyone should try it.


A Quick Rundown of the Class

Yoga Sculpt is a group fitness class that takes place every Tuesday at 4:30 PM, and every Wednesday at 8 PM. It lasts around 50 minutes, and consists of a “high intensity fusion of weight training and yoga postures”. The class features a series of hand weight exercises, squats, and core work. Yoga Sculpt is included in your Aztec Recreation membership, so no need to dish out any extra cash.


The Amazing Instructors

Yoga sculpt is taught by two fantastic instructors: Megan (Tuesday’s) and Keith (Wednesday’s). While both of them focus on blending empowering exercise into smooth yoga flows, they tailor their classes in unique ways. 


Megan’s positive energy is contagious, which is truly reflected in her teaching style. She encourages students to modify their practice based on what feels right for them and put forth their best effort into every exercise.


Keith is charismatic, and wants to ensure you have fun during Yoga Sculpt. He pushes students with rigorous exercises, but makes it a good time because of his upbeat persona.


Basically, you can’t go wrong with attending either instructor’s classes! They are both incredible individuals, and their passion for fitness and wellness shines through during their Yoga Sculpt sessions.


Finally, Why I Love Yoga Sculpt- And Why You Will Too

Yoga sculpt is simply the perfect cultivation of physical exercise and relaxation. As far as the intensity of the class, Yoga Sculpt provides a balance between a challenging yet confidence-boosting workout. Every class is powered by energetic music that syncs with the movements, and makes the time fly by! Before and after the workout segment of Yoga Sculpt, Megan and Keith designate time for students to decompress through silent stretching. This is personally my favorite part of the class, as I love how it allows everyone to center themselves in the present moment. Yoga Sculpt is truly a haven in the midst of stressful times. 


So please, everyone give this class a try! Whether you choose to bring friends or go solo, your body and mind will thank you tremendously. Just make sure to arrive early, as this class is popular and the room fills up fast!

Hi, I'm Grace and I'm from Sacramento, California. I am a second-year Business Marketing student at SDSU. I am passionate about all things fashion, fitness, sustainability, and lifestyle; thus, I often explore these topics in my articles. In my free time you can find me practicing yoga, exploring nature, or finding the cutest spots around the city with friends.
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