Why EVERYONE Should Be #TeamStefan

We all know that The Vampire Diaries is coming to its end on Friday, March 10, 2017. As the curtain closes, one question remains: Are you, Team Damon or Team Stefan? Since the premiere of The Vampire Diaries, this has been a main topic of conversation. Countless arguments and yelling sessions have occurred because of it. If you are one of those people who refuses to take sides or for some reason decided to be Team Damon, then here are some facts that are bound to change your mind. 

1. He is sweet

Stefan is known throughout the series as being the “good” brother. He is kind and motivated to learn. When he is drawn to Elena, he does not throw himself onto her. Instead, he treats their relationship like if he were human and they were both interested. Unlike Damon, he tries to talk to her and get to know who she truly is. Damon just decides to try and compel her and treats her like any other girl from any other century. 

2. He is always looking out for everyone 

Throughout the entire series, he is looking out for the humans who may be put in danger. In season 1, he does all he can to try and defeat Damon before he causes more damage to the Mystic Falls town and it’s people. He believes that everyone should be given a chance until being proven otherwise. He sees the good in life, whereas Damon just sees everything that he can destroy or toy with. 

3. He looks great in a suit 

Producer Julie Plec gave us the gift of TRUE HOTNESS when she put Paul Wesley in a suit during episode 4 of season 1. While attending the Founder’s Day dance, Stefan is wearing a perfectly fitted black suit that compliments him in every way possible.  #BoyfriendMaterial

4. He looks even better with no clothes on 

Another huge thank you to Julie for allowing us to see the GREAT six pack that lives under that suit. On multiple occasions, we get a glimpse into Stefan’s daily routine, which to our luck, includes him either exiting the shower in a towel or waking up with no shirt on. 

5. He can cook

One of the first dates that Stefan and Elena have is them cooking dinner together. Can you say “perfectly cheesy, yet still romantic?” Who wouldn’t want to be cooking dinner with a hot vampire who is approximately 162 years old?? It is in this episode that he is able to show his skills around the kitchen. So much so that you forget he doesn’t actual eat food. 

6. Even when he’s evil, he is still good 

In season 3 episode 5, the famous villain that everyone loves to hate, Klaus Michelson, came into the picture. Being evil to his core, Klaus decided to make everyone’s life a living hell. He forces Stefan to shut off his humanity switch, causing Stefan to lose the small silver of humanity that he does have as a vampire. However, even though he is not supposed to have any feelings and be pure evil he still seems to care for Elena. In the following episode, Elena falls off a set of bleachers and guess who is right at the bottom waiting to catch her…STEFAN! If that doesn’t prove that that Stefan has a purely good soul, then I don't know what does.

7. He looks good during any time period

He may have been born in 1847, but his face is timeless. Throughout the series, we are able to see how Stefan was living life as a vampire from the year he was turned, 1864. He looks great in a form of clothing from any era. It is clear that it is not possible for Stefan to look bad in anything. He doesn’t and will NEVER have a bad angle or a bad time period. 

8. His FACE

I’m sorry but if you don’t think that Stefan Salvatore is hot then there must be something wrong with your eyesight. His face was specifically created for girls and guys everywhere to admire!

9. When he cries, you just want to comfort him

Whenever he is sad, you are automatically sad. It is as if your emotions were connected even though he was on TV and were probably sitting on your couch. On multiple occasions, Stefan’s emotions get the best of him and it is clear that at times he just can’t hold back how he feels. It is during these times that I wish we could all reach through our TV screens and give him the giant hug that he deserves. 


Would you really want to date the guy who willingly killed your brother?? In the season 2 opener, Damon decides to kill Elena’s brother Jeremy because Elena tells him that she is in love with Stefan. You have got to be joking if you think that this act is right in ANY way, shape or form! Luckily Jeremey was wearing the Gilbert ring which protects him from truly dying, but still, the damage was done. And do you know who is there to comfort her when this happens… STEFAN!!

So if your still Team Damon after these 10 reasons then there is no hope for you. May you continue being on the wrong side of this debate.