Unpopular Opinion: The Bachelor

While last Monday’s episode of the Bachelor was shocking to say the least, and all over social media, there was significant backlash against Cassie Randolph and her dramatic exit from the show. I think all of the hate she is receiving is unwarranted for a few reasons.

For one, realistically I have always wondered how the women on the show can accept an engagement to be married after only knowing a man for a few months with very little one on one time and the camera's always rolling? To me, it doesn’t seem realistic that someone could be engaged to a person that they haven’t fully gotten to know outside of a paradise show setting. All of the dates they go on are extravagant which make for great times regardless of feelings, but when the show ends, it’s back to the not so glamorous real world. This is why so many couples that emerge from the Bachelor or Bachelorette fail. Going on fancy dates across the world is a much different experience than living together juggling chores and bills among other duties of the average adult.


Not only that, but when everything you say and do is recorded on camera (besides the fantasy suite), it is difficult to fully open up along with the lack of time alone with the person of interest.

I think Cassie made a brave and respectable decision to be honest with Colton about her feelings and where her head was at. She felt rushed about the deadline and she no longer was happy in the show’s environment which makes those on the show feel as if they have to make a clear decision in a short period of time.


While Colton did offer to wait for her to be ready, I think he missed the point. Cassie realized she couldn’t figure out her real feelings in the show setting. Mentally it was breaking her down and she had to do what was best for herself at that point in time. I think if Colton and Cassie had the chance to continue dating outside of the show, Cassie would agree as it would be a much less stressful environment to further develop a relationship in.

Leaving was obviously not easy for Cassie either, but the fact of the matter is the way the show is set up, it isn’t for two people to end up together forever. It is a reality show that is a competition for someone’s heart and hand in marriage that usually ends up in a breakup a mere few months after the show ends and the cameras stop rolling. Because relationships aren’t easy, or simple. They are complicated and messy in the real world. So while we can all dream that the couples who leave the show together will start a family and have a great future, it isn’t realistic and shouldn’t be idolized because it is not real life.


I madly respect Cassie and her openness and honesty and regardless of your thoughts on her choice it doesn’t give anyone the right to cyberbully her because of it. She made a decision and she’s the one who has to live with it not anyone else.