Top 5 Podcasts You Should Be Streaming

1.) Almost 30 Podcast

Starting off with a bang, the Almost 30 podcast is my all-time favorite series to listen to for kickass motivation, entertaining stories, eye-opening interviews and truly relatable yet refreshing perspectives from co-hosts Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik. Almost 30 was inspired by the two’s transition from their twenties to their thirties but has developed into a series with a mission to provide listeners with the tools and motivation one needs to propel personal growth and navigate any transitions in life. The two pride themselves on this podcast being real, raw, and unfiltered and their candid discussions and personal interviews have a special way of making you feel like you’ve known each other for years.


2.) RISE Podcast with Rachel Hollis

Not only is Rachel Hollis an author and motivational speaker simply KILLING the female power thing she’s also one of my biggest role models for the sole fact that she’s created a business that is majority-run by women, for women. She is all about female empowerment and learning to live for yourself in order to walk every day for you and no one else. Her RISE podcast is a community of women of all ages and backgrounds who are looking for tangible and tactical tools for life and business. From interviews with business powerhouses to personal development leaders, Hollis will no doubt inspire you to seek out and live to your individual potential.


3.) Munchin’ With Moguls

If you’re someone dreaming of starting your own business or even just interested in the ways of navigating the business world as a woman, Munchin’ with Moguls (created by Alexa Jorgenson) is one of those podcasts that will have you covered. A podcast interviewing women who are making a difference in their community, you get to hear the stories of women talking about everything from how they’re incredible moms, killer businesswomen, or women simply rockin’ the world with the things they do. Topics of discussion don’t just focus as life as a woman in the work industry, episodes address all the things: anxiety and depression to being vulnerable, true happiness, and navigating relationships or taking risks.


4.) The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

Lauryn Evarts, the founder of The Skinny Confidential blog hosts a weekly podcast with her husband Michael Bostick where they talk about life, their relationship, and even more If you’re looking for laughs as well as kickass advice about all things health, wellness, fitness, and even tips about how to be successful within your own business, this podcast is a great way to get some motivation and knowledge.   


5.) Often Ambitious

Hosted by Erika Sheffer and Lindsey Plevyak, this series is aimed towards the imperfectly daring woman--the often ambitious. The two share stories, host interviews, and give behind-the-scenes access to all the ways in which women are often ambitious. With a mission to deliver a fresh, raw, and real perspective on some of the most impactful women in entrepreneurship and modern society, the podcast covers topics like vulnerability starting a movement, creating a  following on social media, brand development, and health/wellness.