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The Top 5 Ice Cream Shops in San Diego

Whether you’re a local San Diegan or curious visitor with a sweet tooth, there is no doubt that your ice cream cravings will be satisfied with San Diego’s vast amount of parlors and shops. With this frozen treat being my favorite dessert, I have tried many of these places over the past two years, and while most experiences were good, I’ve narrowed down my top 5 favorites.

  1. Mr. Frostie’s in Pacific Beach

Established in 1949, Mr. Frostie’s has been serving the San Diego community with their creamy soft-serve ice cream for decades, and has never failed to disappoint with their phenomenal service and affordable prices. Their soft-serve ice cream tastes like no other and it’s the perfect treat for the whole family after a long day at the beach. Side note: They LOAD the ice cream with toppings! *see picture below*


2. Bing Haus in Convoy

Did someone say… rolled ice cream?! Yup, that’s right. Bing Haus has been a favorite go-to spot on the weekends for me and my friends, and for good reason! This place specializes in an assortment of flavored Thai-style rolled ice cream, ranging from black sesame to fruity pebble cereal. Prices run a little high (about $6.00-7.00), but you get a good, hefty amount of rich, creamy goodness that’s sure to fill you up. Also, the inside of the shop is the cutest thing ever (featuring LED lights, every Instagram girl’s dream)!


3. Cauldron Ice Cream in Convoy

Flowers are pretty and ice cream is delicious, so when you combine the two it becomes a heavenly pair. Cauldron Ice Cream recently opened over the summer in Convoy (they have multiple locations in LA) and have since had a flock of customers waiting in line for the Instagram worthy ice cream. What makes this ice cream so special is every order’s freshly made with a nitrogen-base, so each bite you take is dense and super creamy!


  • Many people opt for the puffle cone option along with the rose-shaped ice cream for the full effect, so don’t be afraid to go all out.

4. Salt & Straw in Little Italy

With various locations strewn across the west coast, Salt and Straw in Little Italy brings pure joy to Southern Californians with their hand-made ice cream following the grand opening earlier this year. Known for their unique and intriguing flavors, this ice cream chain has a new theme with a menu of creative combinations every month that ice cream lovers are sure to enjoy. If you’re not afraid to try something new, this is the best place for you!


  • You HAVE to try their freshly made waffle cones -- they are to die for!
  • Can’t decide between flavors and too broke to buy two scoops? Don’t fret! Salt & Straw offers a “split scoop” option, where customers can order two flavors in smaller scoops for a better price!


5. Afters Ice Cream in Pacific Beach

As you can tell, I couldn’t resist licking the scoop before taking the picture! Afters Ice Cream in Pacific Beach is fairly new and has already grown to be a popular spot. Many people choose to indulge in a “Milky Bun” ice cream sandwich (similar to a donut), or you can opt for the classic waffle cone like I did. My go to flavor is snickerdoodle because I am obsessed with cinnamon. Don’t forget to check this place out next time you’re loungin’ around at the beach!