Sorority Recruitment 101

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During my first Spirit Week as an active member of a sorority, I was not only exhausted to the point where I could barely function, but I was also engulfed with the most love and support I’ve ever experienced. Spirit Week is a time when we practice and prepare for recruiting our new members, but what I did not know was that it was also a lot of bonding disguised as various conversational activities and meticulous dance routines. Last year I went through formal Panhellenic recruitment as a nervous yet bright-eyed freshman ready to make new friends. This year, being on the other side of recruitment, I had no idea what to expect. 


Throughout Spirit Week, we were encouraged to dress up to a different theme each day in order to feel closer to our sisters and express ourselves to the chapter (and, of course, on social media) in a fun way. Fortunately, we had breaks in the middle of the day to recuperate and grab a bite to eat after practicing songs and chants. The strange thing was that on those breaks, I did not want a moment alone to rest by myself. I almost always had a friend come over or I just stayed and ate at the house with my Big. I have loved every part of my sorority for the last year, but for some reason I had never felt closer to my sisters than I did during the few weeks of recruitment training, and recruitment itself. 


I’ve always emphasized the importance of having my sisters’ backs and them having mine, but I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced it to this extent. From the smallest gestures, like girls complimenting my outfits, to helping me through the hangryness and physical exhaustion, I felt like I was closer than ever to these friends I get to call my sisters. The best part was that I had the opportunity to talk to girls I had not previously gotten to know. Throughout the process, I just realized that we’re really all friends and we all have one purpose: to recruit more amazing women that will add even more value to our chapter. 


If there is one piece of advice I can give you with the little experience that I have as a recruiter, it is to just be open to the experience, open to finding yourself, open to your sisters, and, most importantly, open to the potential new members (PNMs) you talk to. It makes so much of a difference when these girls talk to you and realize that you’re a real person and you make the conversation more interesting than the basic, “What’s your major?” and, “Where are you from?” It can leave them with a much better impression of your chapter. Aside from that, take care of yourself! Get as much sleep as you can because you will feel so much more refreshed and better prepared to talk to the PNMs. Fight the urge to binge Netflix when you get home; I learned that the hard way. Also, place granola bars and coffee wherever you can in order to access them easily between rounds (life saver).


If you are interested in joining a sorority at SDSU, I could not recommend it more. I truly believe that it is important to find a place you can call home because life at school can be so daunting and stressful at times. The only advice I have for you, other than the obvious caffeinating, is to be yourself, because we want to get to know the real you...not just what you think we might want to hear. Bottom line, if you are on the fence, just try it and see where it could lead to!