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Skincare Products I’m Loving Lately

Until the last year or so, I never had a solid skincare routine. Sure, I washed my face daily and sometimes used a moisturizer, but that was the extent of it. For a girl with sensitive skin, I never thought I would ever find products I could use long-term to help my skin. Lucky for me, I’m not the only one who’s recently taken an interest in the seemingly endless companies offering products. The world of skincare has been exploding, and when I was struggling to decide what to buy, these products didn’t disappoint.


Fourth Ray Beauty 

Okay, so I’m listing a few different products here. All by Fourth Ray Beauty, they provide different benefits to the skin and I’m obsessed with the results.

Their face milks (which are $14) are literally the best moisturizers for my skin. Each one has a different key ingredient (coconut, turmeric, matcha, etc.) that is super healthy for the skin. On light makeup days, I can use them as a primer as well for a beautiful yet natural look. I currently own the watermelon and turmeric ones and I could not be more obsessed. 


The Rainfall serum contains hyaluronic acid and is so hydrating for my skin. After just a few uses, my skin felt less oily and more hydrated throughout the day and reduced my breakouts overall.


Their Remedy serum contains a form of vitamin b3 as a feature ingredient. This serum is designed to improve your skin clarity, perfect pores and overall better your skin health. I have to say this gave me some of the fastest results I’ve ever seen, and I started out only using it at night. The few breakouts I have are much smaller than before I used this serum, and they fade much faster when they clear. 


All of these are on their website (aka Colourpop, aka where I spend all my money) and they’ve lasted me a long time. When I put the serums on before my face milk, my skin is glowing all day and my overall skin tone is amazing. I’m currently using these twice a day and I am barely halfway through the bottles. I will definitely be rebuying these forever.

Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask

I’ve been seeing this product EVERYWHERE online. YouTubers from all different genres of content creators have been raving about this lip mask in their videos. I wasn’t buying the hype at first, but after trying this product I have to say it was worth it. There are three flavors (original, apple lime, and vanilla) available, and my lips have never felt more moisturized for such a long time. A little goes a long way, and when I wake up in the morning my lips feel so soft and hydrated. For only $20, this product became a fast favorite.


Drunk Elephant Slaai Face Butter

Drunk Elephant may be the one company that I’m most willing to spend more money on. I looked into this product because makeup wipes were too harsh for my eyes and skin, and I needed a replacement that was gentle yet effective. This butter takes off all my makeup instantly and has never irritated my eyes. I go straight from using this to my face cleanser, and my skin always feels so soft and refreshed at the end of the night. The best part is a little bit of product will take off a full face of makeup, so for $34 the product will last me many days of glam.


Skincare is all about finding what’s best for your skin. I always recommend getting a free sample of a product if you can and test it out before committing. Everyone’s skin type is unique, and because the skincare world is growing so quickly, it’s so easy to find a company or products that work for you!

Alexa is an Art and Journalism student at San Diego State University. A true California native, she loves sunshine, being outdoors, and road trips. Her passions include photography, activism, traveling, writing, drawing, and all things creative. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, the Photo Editor for The Daily Aztec Newspaper, and currently feeding her caffeine addiction as a barista. You can probably find me behind my camera, on Twitter, or perfecting my latte art at Starbucks.