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Sexual Health Resources On Campus Every Girl Needs to Know About

Recently, I have been talking to a couple of friends about sex and I was shocked to hear no one made them aware of all the sexual health resources on campus.  So here are a couple of places on campus that will help you out with your sex life:

Calpulli Student Health Center

Free Condoms are available! This one is essential and can save you a lot of money.  If you go to Calpulli on the 3rd floor to the Well Being and Health Promotion office you can get up to 10 condoms a day! They have a variety of brands, colors, tastes and sizes.  Plus if you’re nice to the lady at the front desk, she will tell you all about their upcoming events and ways you can get more condoms.

PS- I just went in yesterday and found out they offer GYN Orientations every Monday through Thursday. Also, if you follow there instagram account and show them, you can get 10 extra condoms!



In Calpulli, you can even schedule an appointment for a sexual health and contraception methods one-on-one session.  After your session, if you decide to start birth control, they can write you a prescription that you can take straight to the pharmacy on the first floor and have it filled in the same day (They take insurance, but there may be a fee you will still have to pay).  


Women’s Resource Center

Every question you have been embarrassed to ask about your body, sex or women’s health can be answered at the Women’s Resource Center, located next to the Pride Center and straight down from Hepner Hall.  Events and workshops are offered all year round regarding women’s health. One of my favorite events they host every Wednesday from 2:30 to 3:30 is an GYN Orientation giving you all the info you never knew about pelvic screenings, birth control methods and cervical screenings.

They also offer lactation spaces and provide a safe space for pregnant women to ask questions about what there body is going through.


Lastly, if you have experienced any sort of sexual assault in your life time the Women’s Resource Center offers a support group, Rise, on Thursday at 12:30 to 1:45, lead by a professional therapist.  In this group, strong and resilient women from San Diego State can talk about their experience and confide in other survivors for support and advice.



San Diego State 2022 Margot is a communications major at San Diego State University. When she is not in the classroom you can catch Margot watching YouTube, trying out the newest makeup trends, volunteering, and training for triathlons. Margot enjoys writing about health, fitness, and makeup and hopes to provide content that is relatable to all college women.
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