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PSA: Stop Objectifying Me

It happens way too often. It’s probably happened to you. It’s unsolicited and obnoxious. I am sick and tired of being objectified, of being ogled, of being told to cover up, of being told to smile. Just the other day, I was handing out flyers for Her Campus outside the library and four adult men approached me asking for a flyer; they were not the target audience but publicity is publicity! However, within seconds the real reason they approached me became clear. One man told me how beautiful I looked and that he wanted to take me on a date (keep in mind he was easily in his late 30s, early 40s and I am 18). Another asked to take a selfie with me. Another ogled me! Another man even had the nerve to say he would only take a flyer if I gave him my Snapchat.

What’s the moral of the story here? STOP objectifying young women; for that matter, don’t objectify anyone. Not only is this inappropriate, but it’s also degrading. An objectifier may think that they aren’t doing anything wrong because this used to be considered  “flattering,” but the truth is that behaving in this way may make the person feel uncomfortable and unflattered. Go ahead and flatter your girlfriend or boyfriend if you know they like being complimented, but don’t comment on a stranger’s appearance. My experience is my own, but I’m guessing that this has happened to some of you before, too.

My body is not here for your entertainment. Just because I dress nicely and want to look and feel great, doesn’t mean I’m doing it for you. I’m doing it for me, myself and I.