Overcome Quarantine Boredom With Activities Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You have probably already heard of the song “Bored In The House” by Tyga.  Boredom has been associated with increased drug and alcohol abuse, overeating, depression and anxiety,  which is why it's important to overcome boredom. There are many different ways to make a dull situation more entertaining.  


Here are some ways you can overcome boredom based on your zodiac sign:  


Aries (March 20-April 19) - Bake or cook something new

You are bold and ambitious.  You tend to dive head first into many challenging situations. Bake or cook something new that's delicious. Challenge yourself by using only a certain amount of ingredients or ingredients within a certain budget. With your ambition, you will find a way to make a tasty dish.  


Taurus (April 20-May 20) - Yoga 

You are strong and reliable.  You enjoy relaxing in peaceful environments.  During quarantine, try doing some yoga as a way to relax.  Yoga is a combination of physical poses, controlled breathing and meditation. Yoga is helpful for reducing stress, and lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. You can make yoga more relaxing by adding soft sounds and soothing aromas.  



Gemini (May 21-June 21) -Facetime your friends 

You are curious and outgoing.  During quarantine, Facetime your friends.  For your outgoing self, it's a great way to stay social and catch up with your friends.  


Cancer (June 22-July 21) -Scrapbook 

You are intuitive and sentimental.  Use your sentimental side to make a scrapbook. Scrapbooks serve as a nostalgic link to or past and can hold some of our best memories. Making a scrapbook is a great way to unwind and to remember all the fun things you’ve done in the past.  


Leo (July 22-August 21) - Make a TikTok video 

You are fierce and confident.  Use your confidence as a way to lift people up during rough times by making funny TikTok videos.  


Virgo (August 22-September 21) - Read a book 

You are gentle and smart.  Find a good book to read. There are a wide variety of genres out there. Reading is a great way to let your mind escape somewhere else while learning and expanding your vocabulary.