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My Skin Journey with Skin Laundry’s Signature Laser Facial

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Timing couldn’t have been more perfect when Skin Laundry extended an invitation for me to experience their signature laser facial, as I was dealing with dry skin, acne, and dark spots. For those unfamiliar, Skin Laundry specializes in various laser treatments, offering options such as Signature, Thermo Fractional, and Powered Up facials. Founded in Santa Monica, California, in 2013, Skin Laundry opened its doors due to the visionary leadership of Yen Reis and has since expanded to over 50 locations worldwide. The origin of the company traces back to Reis’s personal battle with acne and her realization of the benefits of laser facials. Reis then collaborated with skin-care and medical experts to embark on the journey of establishing Skin Laundry. The primary mission was clear: to craft laser treatments that not only delivered tangible results but were also affordable. In contrast to comparable alternatives that can cost up to $1,000, Skin Laundry’s range of laser treatments is fairly priced with ranges for non-members and membership options. Let’s examine the details of the Signature Laser facial, which I was lucky enough to receive, before delving into my own experience. This facial treatment addresses multiple concerns including acne, rosacea, melasma, hyperpigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, and dullness.

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So how does the Signature Facial feel?

I went in without any knowledge of what a laser facial even was, but the first step in the process was getting a well detailed description and an informational video guiding me through what would be taking place. Next, before actually getting the facial done, I was asked to use a cleansing wipe on my face, and then they took intake photos of all angles. Once I met with my nurse that would be performing the facial, I discussed my main concerns and we got started. The YAG laser really just felt like there was heat applied to certain parts of my face at a time. There was no discomfort whatsoever, and after about three passes, I was done! My nurse then applied a hyaluronic acid serum, followed by a mineral sunscreen, and was advised to minimize sun exposure and reapply sunscreen throughout the day. I was also given a vitamin A serum that my nurse recommended was a great addition to my skincare routine. The experience didn’t end there, to my delight I received not only a set of face masks but also their vitamin A serum to continue my skin care journey at home. I knew this treatment wouldn’t be miraculous and solve my skin concerns right then and there, but after the first treatment I could visibly see how my skin looked healthier and glowier. Which makes me feel like this is something I would happily do again.

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After Care Tips:

After my treatment, I was able to ask my nurse questions about my concerns and for any tips I should introduce to my very poor skincare routine—consisting only of a face cleanser and lotion. I enjoyed the open communication I was able to have with my nurse and how she prioritized sharing useful information rather than pushing product sales. She recommended dependable brands and even suggested budget-friendly alternatives. For my concerns specifically, she recommended I include a tranexamic acid serum and a vitamin C serum. I recommend heading to their website to make sure to follow the aftercare tips properly as they have a very detailed list of after care tips!

Overall, I was very pleased with my experience, and while a monthly membership might be beyond my current budget, I do believe that it is worthwhile for anyone to look into. In case you are interested, remember that achieving optimal results requires multiple sessions and consistency, so don’t be discouraged after a single visit! I promise it is a worthwhile investment for radiant, healthy skin.

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